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Spell check of ingest

Correct spelling: ingest

soak up, hire, study, contain, take aim, necessitate, see, devour, convey, have got, dupe, pack, remove, sustain, put away, picnic, realise, lunch, take over, select, learn, need, steep, look at, put down, eat up, rent, take on, imbibe, direct, gobble, feed, plunge, possess, adopt, make, drive, demand, run through, accept, ingestion, pull in, put on, engorge, give birth, put one across, admit, deliver, sop up, realize, snack, engross, cod, squander, overhear, give, subscribe, train, aim, exhaust, take up, put one over, assume, befool, acquire, inhale, receive, eat, drink, gain, earn, gather in, fool, charter, claim, exact, consider, mouth, clear, throw, deplete, feature, suck in, access, subscribe to, lead, require, guide, collect, use up, take-in, dine, consume, breakfast, invite, take away, hold, bring in, draw, bear, withdraw, engage, gull, inspire, grub, bring, get down, gulp, catch, own, experience, tuck, manage, stimulate, touch, read, engulf, have, taste, bite, suck up, carry, suffer, lease, assimilate, chow, try, get hold of, feast, deal, occupy, go through, sup, pocket, let, shoot, absorb, contract, wipe out, film, cause, involve, waste, fare, pick out, call for, fill, slang, induce, immerse, take, partake, get, watch, submit, ask, birth, down, conduct, view, postulate, ware, choose, strike.

abstain, desist, refrain.

Examples of usage:

1) " Almost us ingest too many last dark," Geck gave what Hanlon knew was a shamefaced laugh. - "Man of Many Minds", E. Everett Evans.

2) White corpuscles will not as a rule ingest and devour bacteria from a pure culture, but they do so eagerly immediately the bacteria are bathed in serum; and the serum which is most efficacious in acting as a sort of sauce is that which has been obtained from an animal which has been previously infected with the same kind of bacteria, and which has recovered from the ailment such bacteria have set up. - "The Pros and Cons of Vivisection", Charles Richet Commentator: W. D. Halliburton.