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Spell check of ingenuousness

Correct spelling: ingenuousness

naivety, pureness, truthfulness, frankness, viridity, sinlessness, naiveness, simplicity, whiteness, candor, verity, purity, sincerity, simplemindedness, veracity, reality, simpleness, guilelessness, honesty, unworldliness, openness, truth, innocence, artlessness, naturalness, unsophistication, greenness.

deviousness, guile, insincerity, artificiality, affectedness, carefulness, maturity, mendacity, pretentiousness, duplicity, dishonesty, falseness, disbelief, doubtfulness, caution, incredulity, sophistication, suspiciousness, falsity, cynicism, pessimism, deceit, untruth, falsehood, fabrication, worldliness, artfulness, lie, knowingness, delusion, imposture, wariness, fiction, street smarts, disingenuousness, deception, error, skepticism.

Examples of usage:

1) During his early days passed at Navarre, he is said to have shewn an ingenuousness of disposition and some traits of generosity, which gave rise to hopes that were miserably falsified by his future life. - "Account of a Tour in Normandy, Vol. II. (of 2)", Dawson Turner.

2) Elise ran to Mrs. Brown, and throwing her arms around her dear chaperone, hid her blushing face on her shoulder; while Mr. Kinsella, with boyish ingenuousness, said: " Well, what do you think? - "Molly Brown's Orchard Home", Nell Speed.

3) With much ingenuousness Nibet confided his anxiety to the prisoner, who laughed. - "Fantômas", Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain.