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Spell check of Familiar

Correct spelling: Familiar

young man, friendly, timeworn, teammate, gent, inseparable, easy, confidential, paternal, ancestral, cuss, chap, brother, contumelious, feller, malapert, conversant, mundane, constant, pal, au courant, ubiquitous, routine, versed, cyclical, common, informed, acquainted, simple, periodic, chum, presumptuous, fellow, bold, custom, smart-alecky, prevalent, workaday, intimate, ordinary, crony, cheeky, uppish, confidant, homely, boldfaced, steady, knowledgeable, schoolmate, colleague, normal, companion, overfamiliar, buster, common or garden, canonical, frequent, unceremonious, brotherly, playmate, insolent, nervy, general, accustomed, prevailing, public, consanguine, roommate, conventional, fraternal, assuming, confrere, sassy, abreast, up-to-date, impudent, flip, wise, garden-variety, cousin, bloke, plain, brazen, amigo, pushy, near, maternal, snippy, brash, recurrent, attitude, mate, familiar spirit, associate degree, fella, friend, brassy, snippety, company, immodest, casual, tight, well-informed, unvarnished, matter-of-fact, associate, beau, cordial, commonplace, sister, inner, co-worker, sidekick, love, buddy, bud, average, overconfident, prosaic, well-worn, partner, humble, knowledge, homespun, traditional, pert, native, internal, hereditary, rhythmic, motherly, akin, informal, well-known, habitual, buddy-buddy, natural, conditioned, customary, smart, dude, boyfriend, monotonous, everyday, relative, chummy, audacious, universal, bosom, unusual, close, blighter, lad, saucy, inward, versant, popular, free, fresh, widespread, forward, up, ally, epochal, usual, fellow traveler, continual, fatherly, standard, orthodox, predominating, kindred, sisterly, chronic, acquaintance, stock, swain, assumptive, exotic, classmate, unsophisticated, cozy, especial, comrade, presuming, fellow traveller, courtesy, impertinent, quotidian, strange, related, thick, confidante, regular, uppity, household.

extraordinary, timorous, unknown, weird, inattentive, blind, grotesque, rummy, humble, lowly, seldom, exceptional, shy, ignorant, aberrant, freaky, other, unheeding, oblivious, diffident, sporadic, modest, standoffish, aloof, eerie, unusual, down-to-earth, fantastical, cold, withdrawn, strange, funny, demure, rare, retiring, intermittent, distant, abnormal, quaint, detached, unmindful, cool, unconscious, irregular, fantastic, unpretentious, timid, unsociable, unacquainted, rum, crazy, exotic, unacquainted with, curious, unfamiliar with, unnatural, meek, odd, uncommon, unknowing, reserved, peculiar, uninformed, antic, frosty, singular, unknowledgeable, unfamiliar, occasional, remote, oddish, bashful, mousy, antisocial, infrequent, insensible, unassertive, unaware, eery, unwitting, unfriendly, gothic, unassuming.

Examples of usage:

1) " Henery" entered with a familiar looking bottle, closely followed by Mrs. Tyler. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) " I have had a letter from your father, Edward," he began, taking out a familiar envelope. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) " It is strange I am unable to name the town," he said; " I am as familiar with it as I am with my own stable. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.