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Spell check of dodge

Correct spelling: dodge

flurry, hold over, bilk, postpone, strategy, circumvent, craft, machination, avoid, abstain, manipulate, juggle, shelve, maneuver, block, eschew, shirk, ruse, wile, schema, lash-up, tactics, overreach, plot, scheme, set back, gizmo, appliance, shun, outsmart, falsify, get away, shrink, shenanigan, trickery, confuse, gadget, put over, art, artifice, fetch, widget, hedge, subterfuge, sidestep, cook, prorogue, recoil, guile, burke, table, outwit, fake, game, bypass, duck, hem in, outline, system, cunning, parry, beleaguer, fudge, contrivance, deception, emigrate, environ, dip, decline, contraption, take-in, method, skirt, trick, blind, ploy, device, gismo, outfox, avoidance, hedge in, dodging, border, gambit, finesse, plan, turn off, wangle, cheat, beat, misrepresent, defer, shunning, stratagem, evasion, invention, deflect, escape, gimmick, elude, means, play, skip, besiege, evade, honest, convenience, flimflam, dishearten, douse, fraud, put-off, trap, break out, turning away, sleight, Trojan horse, disconcert, get around, ring, pitfall, knack, feint, jig, avert, imposture, wrinkle, seek, devisal, remit, surround.

sincerity, artlessness, fairness, guilelessness, candor, openness, simplicity, frankness, truth, honesty, innocence, ingenuousness.

Examples of usage:

1) I've got to get across the river, and into the hills the other side- I can dodge 'em over there. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) So do not try to dodge the question. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.

3) I'll tuck my head under the sheet, and dodge them that way. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.