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Spell check of cycle

Correct spelling: cycle

volt, television, capacitor, merry-go-round, roulette wheel, trip, blue moon, tube, radar, sequence, swirl, interval, rung, polarity, bike, electrostatic, travel, transistor, aeon, wattage, magnetism, march, current, season, ohm, CRT, zodiac, donkey's years, transmitter, sojourn, round of drinks, wheel around, IC, memory, alternating current, frequency, eternity, Hertz, circuit, positive, voltage, conductor, jaunt, cycles/second, direct current, unit of ammunition, oscillation, juice, pedal, shock, circle, steering wheel, discharge, date, bout, troll, regularity, round of golf, whirl, course, measure, speaker, turn, receiver, circuit card, electricity, frequent, ramble, interim, spin, era, months, duration, FM, two-wheeler, roll, recur, connection, series, round, tour, AC, stave, moon, rhythm, video, cycle per second, resistor, network, forever, amble, rotate, DC, drive, stroll, calendar method, wander, speech rhythm, watt, periodicity, impedance, CPU, spell, hike, wheel, beat, tweeter, processor, rhythm method, time, amplifier, insulator, revolve, span, epoch, journey, kilohertz, one shot, induction, long, daily round, resistance, oscillate, walk, electrode, rove, bicycle, musical rhythm, microphone, monitor, trek, vibration, velocipede, electromagnetism, age, repetition, cps, diode, regular recurrence, motorbike, rack, Hz, capacitance, radio, promenade, push-bike, electronics, motorcycle, roam, megahertz, recurrence, computer, spark, orbit, coon's age, negative, charge.

microsecond, shake, moment, jiffy, second, flash, nanosecond, instant, twinkle, wink, trice, split second, minute, twinkling.

Examples of usage:

1) In the Polar cycle of the seasons there are peculiar conditions which apply to circumstances and movements. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I saw a similar cycle of events. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) He recited the remarkable journey of Shackleton to the South Pole as his opening item in the cycle of the year's incidents. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.