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Spell check of convolution

Correct spelling: convolution

spin, mystery, difficulty, intricacy, go, cabalism, subtlety, complexity, tortuousness, twisting, twirl, complicacy, obscurity, whirl, commotion, offer, twist, puzzle, maelstrom, vortex, labyrinth, whorl, pass, swirl, whirlpool, gyrus, coil, abstruseness, fling.

Examples of usage:

1) The Ritual was a massive tome, of glazed, gilt- edged paper, of print as big for the proclaiming of truth as the Family Bible, of weight to burden a strong man, of contents to stagger a giant brain, unless the giant brain had in it the convolution of a smile. - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.

2) It was in other words to trace the figure in the carpet through every convolution, to reproduce it in every tint. - "Embarrassments", Henry James.

3) But, my dear Romany chi, ' he continued, now turning slowly round, 'in passing your strictures upon the Gorgio world, you should remember that you belong to a very limited aristocracy, and that your remarks may probably fall upon ears of an entirely inferior and Gorgio convolution. - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.