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Spell check of abstruseness

Correct spelling: abstruseness

unimportance, profoundness, humbleness, deepness, lowliness, profundity, depth, cabalism, puzzle, obscurity, complexity, abstrusity, astuteness, subtlety, reconditeness, obscureness, difficulty, intricacy, convolution, mystery.

clarity, limpidity, lucidity, clearness, pellucidity.

Examples of usage:

1) Abstruseness in expression is very frequently regarded as an indication of profundity. - "The Young Man and the World", Albert J. Beveridge.

2) It may possibly be true that, in some of those fields of discovery which lie open to such rough observations as can be made without artificial methods, the great explorers of former times have appropriated most of what is valuable, and that the gleanings which remain are sought after, rather for their abstruseness, than for their intrinsic worth. - "Five of Maxwell's Papers", James Clerk Maxwell.

3) Now, if time permitted, and if I supposed that you would all care to go with me into matters of some abstruseness, I could certainly prove that whatever the connexion between body and mind may be, we have the best possible reasons for concluding that it is not a causal connexion. - "Mind and Motion and Monism", George John Romanes.