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Spell check of difficulty

Correct spelling: difficulty

dissidence, ado, knottiness, severity, dissent, hassle, standstill, pickle, issue, disaster, corner, poorness, crisis, affliction, poser, muddle, disputation, hump, problem, complicacy, rigorousness, mystery, hard times, subtlety, rainy day, cantankerousness, demur, hardship, bane, adversity, catastrophe, aid, harshness, bad luck, labyrinth, blight, firestorm, frustration, peril, comfort, fix, obstruction, kick, impasse, hazard, convolution, calamity, bicker, dead end, entanglement, encumbrance, roughness, objection, barrier, deadlock, box, demurrer, cumbersomeness, woe, easy, trouble, contrariness, dissensus, cul-de-sac, unwillingness, vicissitude, spot, faction, disaccord, stew, hard luck, stress, bar, soup, quagmire, bother, obscurity, toughie, hot spot, curse, pain, variance, depression, to-do, puzzle, anxiety, paradox, hindrance, barricade, annoyance, catch, dissonance, pinch, casualty, tightness, torment, strife, quicksand, oppression, schism, tragedy, joker, baggage, nonconcurrence, protest, bind, question, remonstrance, strain, responsibility, rigor, irritation, misfortune, contestation, impediment, can of worms, dissension, grief, strenuousness, discordance, controversy, quandary, tribulation, pass, dissentience, embarrassment, disturbance, struggle, stressfulness, hardness, aggravation, asperity, predicament, jam, headache, scrape, tiff, setback, intricacy, mishap, cabalism, toughness, word, ordeal, swamp, ticklishness, conflict, argument, dispute, abstruseness, mess, difference, disagreement, contention, hitch, stink, millstone, destitution, Dutch, wearisomeness, care, exception, complaint, ease, perplexity, inharmony, trial, grievance, trickiness, crimp, rhubarb, squabble, assistance, blind alley, friction, demurral, reluctance, hot water, weight, harassment, dilemma, altercation, complexity, flak, hang-up, fussiness, wearying, clash, oppressiveness, warfare, disadvantage, expostulation, distress, arduousness, difficultness, obstacle, discord, war, charge, snag, run-in, infliction, fuss, spat, contretemps, emergency, formidability, rub, squeeze, fight, confrontation, knot, nuisance, exigency, pressure, onerousness, quarrel, check, challenge, clog, polemic, stumbling block, misadventure, worry, tangle, misery, wrangle, maze, inconvenience, deep water, agony, debate, burden, complication, plight, dolor, slough, poverty, discouragement.

assent, acceptance, simplicity, assistance, willingness, benefit, obedience, succor, approval, relief, peace, break, help, ease, easiness, acquiescence, accord, unanimity, agreement, simpleness, harmony, sanction, compliance, concord, opportunity, consensus, advantage, aid.

Examples of usage:

1) Exactly,- that is my difficulty. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) " I wish that was the only difficulty," said Scanlan. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) " I want to tell you before it is too late," she said with difficulty, " just how I feel. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.