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Spell check of coif

Correct spelling: coif

raiment, fit out, plume, lay out, fare, position, clip, perform, set, hairstyle, get along, suffice, place, make, practice, define, typeset, hair style, format, gear up, garb, set up, pose, coiffure, lay, garnish, behave, fix up, clothe, hairdo, limit, determine, adjust, dress up, groom, lop, fix, plant, apparel, specify, congeal, dress out, habilitate, cause, practise, act, manage, prune, put, garment, make out, trim, ready, coiffe, arrange, correct, curry, mark, localize, cut back, do, jell, primp, tog, localise, sic, order, enclothe, execute, stage, rig, come, dress, snip, countersink, prepare, preen, crop, fructify, answer, exercise, decorate, go under, get dressed, go down, line up, serve.

Examples of usage:

1) A good eye might have told it to be the head of a woman, wearing a white hood- the graceful coif or coverchief of the time. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

2) Her rich golden hair, escaping from its silken coif, swept the floor at her feet. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

3) Judges and sergeants were then common members of the Guild- both wore the " coif." - "Bardell v. Pickwick", Percy Fitzgerald.