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Spell check of coiffure

Correct spelling: coiffure

fare, go down, practice, haircut, set up, localise, mark, come, curry, countersink, perform, primp, preen, determine, cut back, Afro, do, limit, jell, coiffe, coif, bangs, dress, garnish, act, garb, habilitate, practise, execute, gear up, trim, ready, lay, clip, manage, beehive, hairstyle, prepare, bob, hair style, localize, groom, make, fix, exercise, position, decorate, go under, plume, format, order, chignon, bun, typeset, plant, hairdo, correct, answer, suffice, fit out, raiment, bobbed, rig, get along, pose, put, arrange, set, place, enclothe, tog, apparel, snip, specify, serve, line up, prune, braid, cut, dress out, fructify, lop, garment, fix up, congeal, adjust, get dressed, define, lay out, buzz cut, sic, stage, make out, crop, dress up, close, clothe, cause, behave.

Examples of usage:

1) " I don't agree with, you at all," replied Marian so stiffly that the maid smiled openly, as she put the final touches to Marian's hair preparatory to adjusting the cluster of puffs that had completed her astonishing coiffure the night before. - "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways", Jessie Graham Flower.

2) They sucked contraband bonbons and discussed different styles of coiffure. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.

3) She never allowed the ridiculous coiffure, which had lately become the mode, to hide entirely the glory of her own chestnut hair, and its rich, warm colour gleamed through the powder, scantily sprinkled over it by an artist's hand. - "Petticoat Rule", Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy.