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Spell check of bafflement

Correct spelling: bafflement

brake, whirl, deterrent, obfuscation, complication, drag, dam, clog, damper, perplexity, restriction, handicap, bottleneck, snag, distraction, plug, block, discombobulation, blockage, encumbrance, maze, obstruction, burden, head-scratching, snarl, jam, impasse, hurdle, choke, constraint, frustration, drawback, fog, opposition, impediment, bewilderment, hindrance, confusedness, inhibition, entrapment, stay, muddle, disadvantage, tangle, mire, restraint, bewilderedness, resistance, befuddlement, blockade, bemusement, puzzlement, bung, obstacle, crimp, bamboozlement, barrier, stoppage, stop, congestion, catch, mystification, interruption, impedance, entanglement, delay, constipation.

confidence, positiveness, sureness, conviction, certainty, assurance, certitude.

Examples of usage:

1) It is not nice to be watched when baffled and heated in bafflement but the only gaze to which attention was given by the conductor was the gaze of Miss Prescott. - "This Freedom", A. S. M. Hutchinson.

2) In a favoring hush- drum- corps inviting the band- she bent low and with an arch air of bafflement tried once more, but an outburst of brazen harmonies tore her speech to threads. - "Kincaid's Battery", George W. Cable.

3) Her nerves were at acute tension; her life that of a hunted creature; for though she thought her fate inevitable, she concentrated her mind on what seemed to others pitiably weak and inconsequent schemes for the bafflement of Duckbill. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.