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Spell check of assembly

Correct spelling: assembly

body, gang, composite, fiction, arsenal, fold, meeting, salad, school, manufacturing, compound, nest, bale, fictionalisation, inquisition, society, agglomeration, board, league, sisters, fabrication, support group, set, partnership, troupe, fellowship, collection, company, coalition, accumulation, fleet, host, cabal, force, string, mixture, herd, fable, clique, lesson, congress, briefing, after-school, hive, collect, churchwoman, manufacture, club, fixing, audioconferencing, bloc, free period, coterie, police, bureaucracy, fictionalization, prevarication, incorporation, tribunal, congregation, caucus, circle, mob, conclave, platoon, conference, complement, cabinet, tribe, conglomeration, retinue, powwow, get-together, concourse, meeting place, throng, apparatus, annual meeting, fusion, division, association, crew, separation, amalgam, chamber, squad, audience, covey, class, Capitol Hill, phalanx, brew, mix, clan, batch, omnium-gatherum, city hall, assortment, college, machine, colloquium, legislature, city council, composition, hodgepodge, pack, regiment, ingathering, band, convocation, brethren, panel, bevy, alloy, brigade, adjustment, court, ring, extended school, device, huddle, wing, posse, battalion, crowd, troop, cell, group, construction, symposium, drove, bank, churchman, staff, convention, union, lights out, detachment, combination, muster, gathering, church, detail, summit, cadre, ensemble, fraternity, assemblage, blend, infusion, communicant, medley, organization, assemble, flash mob, commixture, party, colony, laywoman, arrangement, flock, paste, federation, stew, layman, AGM, parliament, sect, battery, corps, council, appointment, team, outfit, concoction, equipment, parishioner, playtime, committee, quorum, aggregation, attachment, gather, admixture, army, formation, conglomerate, litter, junta, hookup, connection, bunch, multitude, integration, amalgamation, lying, half-day, faction, commission, molding, forum.

dismantling, privacy, dismantlement, loneliness, solitude, dispersion, retirement, seclusion, disassembly.

Examples of usage:

1) That rude assembly is the only free institution in Russia. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Close in front of them, a crowd had gathered about a wagon, and a man who stood upon a box in it seemed to be addressing the assembly. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) There was a murmur of approval from the assembly. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.