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Spell check of zero

Correct spelling: zero

rock bottom, zero point, postcode, twerp, centigrade, range in, no, level, zipper, regulate, insignificancy, absolute zero, pip-squeak, nix, zip fastener, dummy, Celsius, immateriality, energy, nothingness, nil, nebbish, nihility, nada, cardinal, intangibility, zip, insect, tune, ethereality, solitary, vigour, boiling point, nonexistence, pygmy, goose egg, blank, love, naught, tune-up, tenuousness, cast, half-pint, unreality, insignificance, spectre, phantom, C, eighties, nadir, slide fastener, bedrock, snippersnapper, nought, worm, diagnose, aught, oblivion, clear, nonentity, paper tiger, nullity, nothing, F., shrimp, chameleon, vacuity, whippersnapper, impalpability, number, bimetallic strip, void, bottom, cypher, important, softie, calibration, point, absence, set, secret code, lackey, lightweight, oh, doormat, apparition, mirage, Fahrenheit, lay, head, depth, zilch, ordinal, cipher, calibrate, home in, turn, o, cryptograph, emptiness, dwarf, train, null, weed, morsel, direct, vacancy, none, no one, 0, nobody, degree, postal code, preset, aim, reset, yes man, zero in, vigor.

crescendo, chief, notable, all, kahuna, magnate, tip-top, superstar, meridian, cardinal, high, some, figure, nabob, great power, top, acme, zenith, star, flood tide, glory, somebody, personality, luminary, flower, high-water mark, roof, power, authority, peak, big shot, climax, leader, eminence, celebrity, superior, heyday, ordinal, crest, culmination, personage, VIP, lead, head, ceiling, kingpin, cap, party, big wheel, height, bigwig, crown, bloom, summit, pinnacle, planet, apex.

Examples of usage:

1) Jamie's faith in Hughie soared high at the time, but a few months later it fell to zero. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) To read the angle, the zero point on the vernier is used as a starting point. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) The temperature rose to forty- one below zero. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.