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Spell check of veer

Correct spelling: veer

metamorphose, avert, blow, diverge, alter, transform, modify, yaw, zag, diversify, break, kink, sheer, turn out, redirect, rationalize, transmute, separate, switch off, rise, depart, turn, abbreviate, draw back, backtrack, backpedal, capitulate, burn, thin out, slue, shift, transfigure, slip, stray, zig, exchange, pull away, crook, whip, divert, geld, qualify, ignore, trim back, prune, cut back, swerve, spread, skip, write out, substitute, issue, disperse, split, trim down, dilute, back away, commute, change, arc, adapt, slew, wander, drop, pick up, chop, vary, skid, err, reduce, deviate, disregard, lash, back, get up, cut off, tailor, slide, curve, gust, edit out, part, renounce, stand aside, wheel, correct, hack, swing, edit, pivot, scatter, arch, detour, trend, turn off, retreat, catch, contract, trim, wind, bend, revise, digress, cut down, snub, cut, deflect, make out, howl, convert, differ, rationalise, bring down, freshen, shorten, curl, skew, approach, foreshorten, thin, twist, shrink, move on, abridge.

stay, abide, bide, endure, back, remain, retain, continue, straighten, hold, persist, keep.

Examples of usage:

1) He eased the cruiser lower through the swarm, his fingers flashing over the throttles, using quick bursts of the rockets to veer aside from the bright, rushing meteors. - "The World with a Thousand Moons", Edmond Hamilton.

2) She became clever at avoiding causes of disagreement; she listened, nodded, agreed, with a boiling heart, and had the satisfaction of having Martin's viewpoint veer the next day, or the next hour, to meet her own secret conviction. - "Sisters", Kathleen Norris.

3) But seeing Jacqueline's coolness he melted out of his somewhat theatrical bristling, lest her sarcasm veer toward himself. - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.