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Spell check of unsound

Correct spelling: unsound

defective, down, meshuga, wacky, irrational, undependable, unstable, frail, faulty, flimsy, ailing, peaky, forged, insubstantial, nonrational, irremediable, ill, cracked, bats, sorry, illogical, demented, weak, batty, ill-suited, fragile, long, deranged, indisposed, precarious, dotty, daffy, fluid, black, insecure, nutty, bonkers, inadequate, poor, corroded, damaged, off, buggy, unreasoning, ramshackle, wud, psycho, incorrect, weakly, unreasonable, sane, invalid, kooky, injudicious, fraudulent, indiscreet, delicate, bedraggled, rotten, risky, inaccurate, crazy, brainsick, crazed, gaga, wacko, unbalanced, detrimental, decrepit, spurious, wildcat, cranky, bananas, run-down, imprudent, poorly, maniacal, incongruous, wrong, loony tunes, impolitic, nuts, specious, inconsequent, wretched, inferior, unsubstantial, fallacious, unreliable, spoiled, mentally ill, psychotic, inexact, rotted, unwell, puny, cuckoo, insane, high-risk, disordered, sophistic, vile, unhinged, inconsequential, mad, daft, ill-advised, strong, broken-down, distraught, unfit, crackpot, big, sickened, decayed, crackbrained, touched, moonstruck, true, mental, inadvisable, non compos mentis, loco, baneful, bughouse, spoilt, haywire, punk, wise, certifiable, crackers, illegitimate, unwise, deceitful, speculative, regretful, displeasing, bedlam, arrant, mistaken, lunatic, correct, untrue, infirm, uncollectible, tatterdemalion, false, peaked, scatty, barmy, balmy, unpleasant, tough, fruity, untruthful, ill-considered, bad, screwy, maniac, loony, tumble-down, dilapidated, unhealthy, unfavorable, unsatisfactory, feeble, erroneous.

errorless, healthful, reasonable, valid, satisfying, logical, organized, clear, conditioned, compelling, persuasive, rehabilitated, recovering, corroborated, convalescing, validated, tested, justified, informed, sure, substantiated, veracious, thriving, flush, able-bodied, flawless, impeccable, reasoned, dependable, good, stalwart, rugged, judicious, certain, ordered, well, improved, recuperating, well-adjusted, tough, lucid, hearty, mending, exact, enlightened, rational, convincing, healthy, proper, faultless, perfect, wholesome, well-grounded, strong, precise, true, commonsense, balanced, sound, established, robust, well-conditioned, safe, hale, proven, right, substantial, unneurotic, plausible, demonstrated, stable, better, sensible, sober, sane, letter-perfect, reliable, well-founded, confirmed, credible, fit, lusty, flourishing, factual, cogent, accurate, hardy, correct, just, whole, secure, solid, normal, compos mentis, cured, wise, chipper, bouncing, blooming.

Examples of usage:

1) I have not accepted the legacy which was only left to me by the error of an unsound mind. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) I must confess that I believed the ordinance valid, and that the objections urged against it were unsound, and I was fully convinced the Court would so hold. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) But he assures her that this reasoning is unsound, and his amusing himself with a lower thing does not prove that he has become indifferent to the higher. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.