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Spell check of switch

Correct spelling: switch

ambidextrous, exchange, contrive, swish, welt, tack on, box, shift, second, cudgel, hold, give, cast, lever, birch rod, guillotine, reverse, transpose, thrust, counterchange, thrash, knob, successor, piece, clip, bewilder, throw, plump, haymaker, belabor, filament, pound, represent, knock, chemise, whipping post, dislodge, castigate, sell, rack, cast off, rap, throw away, throw off, pick, block, substitution, turn, drop, two-handed, conquer, thumb, wallop, burrow, stinger, shimmy, tack, iron, flip over, pommel, hurl, punch, slam, maiden, slug, put together, stocks, release, adjustment, pitch, fault, alter, alteration, electric switch, lick, whip, shifting, alternate, renewal, swat, bop, heterotaxy, strike, buck, stripe, riff, sky, interchange, riffle, wear round, switch over, transfer, flip out, thong, worst, transmutation, replenishment, trend, make into, succeed, assemble, evolution, append, project, bruise, commute, length, duty period, replace, teddy, frisk, have, subrogate, captivity, wham, hack, bemuse, refilling, supersede, scourge, careen, spank, confuse, merchandise, stir, bite, give way, transposition, shed, bash, tag on, geological fault, poke, take turns, rearrange, effect, deepen, vanquish, gore, flick, swipe, surrogate, thwack, rawhide, pause, slip, bastinado, bust, strap, work shift, stake, supplant, slap, rod, string, lash, tack together, revise, pole, reversal, beat, panel, bedevil, sock, defeat, thump, cane, leaf, befuddle, thumbscrew, confound, permutation, vary, toss, waggle, change, modify, chop, switching, replacement, twitch, whisk, prison, hit, turn over, relieve, reposition, belt, transformation, faulting, fast forward, gas chamber, flip, lurch, subrogation, bristle, renew, baste, gibbet, overcome, flip-flop, stick, whop, jail, bat, break, change over, cuff, chastise, flogger, smack, imitate, understudy, trade, buffet, rope, fillip, noose, convert, supersession, thud, hook, claw, dial, bull whip, ax, torture chamber, console, surpass, flog, fuddle, sack, reform, electric chair, make, agitate, douse, spring, hang on, strip, displace, substitute, trade in, tilt, batter, shift key, correction, larrup, set up, beach, discombobulate, line, displacement, smite, alternative, swap, turn into, pillory, cowhide, clap, deal, master switch, solitary confinement, clout, swop, jump, shake-up, fracture, transform, shake off, wobble, thread, truncheon, scaffold, commutation, bang, smash, electrical switch, whack, budge, pelt, control, replacing, biff, gallows, dab, fox.

fail, go down, go under, fall, surrender.

Examples of usage:

1) His face grew serious as he listened to me, and I saw him watching a switch- engine through the window. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Switch on the light if you like. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) I will not chase him, because he's only a child; if he had been a man, he'd have felt my switch on his shoulders before this. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.