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Spell check of slickness

Correct spelling: slickness

slyness, teddy, skid, polish, pillow slip, smoothness, chicane, nattiness, glassiness, elusion, smartness, chemise, Hanky Panky, shift, artifice, sneakiness, snakiness, quickness, shiftiness, skulduggery, faux pas, miscue, eluding, jiggery-pokery, savoir-faire, subtlety, facility, sideslip, pillowcase, craftiness, shrewdness, cleverness, deftness, skullduggery, ingenuity, solecism, trickery, glibness, wariness, parapraxis, wiliness, stylishness, slick magazine, finesse, decorousness, sharpness, glossiness, berth, mastery, canniness, mooring, artfulness, ingeniousness, cutting, shimmy, slip, subtleness, ritziness, cunning, convention, craft, case, guilefulness, glossy, strip, gaucherie, slick, skill, vogue, coordination, dapperness, chicness, hocus-pocus, chicanery, sleekness, trickiness, fashion, caginess, silkiness, sly, slip-up, fanciness, astuteness, shenanigan, snappiness, deviousness, guile, wile, rascality, trip, slipperiness, foxiness, slip of paper, cunningness, showiness, moorage, rakishness, gaffe, wit, art, decorum.

Examples of usage:

1) For example, in his words: Multiply distances by five, heights by ten, and slickness by twenty. - "A Matter of Proportion", Anne Walker.

2) " Some slickness, I'll gamble," grunted Captain Lige. - "The Crisis, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 6, 2009.

3) No English can compass that amount of slickness; so her speech was left crude. - "When Ghost Meets Ghost", William Frend De Morgan.