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Spell check of sign

Correct spelling: sign

print, placard, tag, character, bull's eye, foreshorten, prognostic, sign away, sign-language, insignia, caution, gesture, billboard, bumper sticker, clue, menage, engage, foretoken, property, Aries, forewarning, banner, figuration, icon, signalise, auspice, advert, condense, take on, prompt, mutual opposition, ticket, house, get, alert, guidepost, take, astrological, integer, star sign, countersign, pointer, hire, peculiarity, muster in, wink, fall guy, notice, semaphore, recruit, lighthouse, Gemini, presage, logo, express, phrase, signal, signature, scar, bespeak, fool, scrape, indicator, sign of the zodiac, compact, target, legend, compress, concentrate, firm, designation, frame, sign up, mark, tip-off, cipher, gestural, fee, chump, narrow, call attention, mansion, forerunner, messenger, writing on the wall, classified ad, witness, warning signal, divination, scratch, advertisement, bit, flag, enter, assurance, highball, marking, figure, characteristic, endorse, notation, evidence, undertake, abridge, trace, pantomime, manifestation, premonitory sign, pre-indication, business firm, prefigurement, shorten, gasp out, promise, Cancer, residence, whistle, harbinger, type, constrict, foretaste, indication, confirm, stamp, theater, motion, logotype, circular, hint, key, attribute, communicative, gull, mouth, hall, wave, preview, trait, support, prediction, foreboding, mansion house, ratify, astrologer, distinguish, abbreviate, contract, cut, appoint, preindication, marker, signaling, gesticulation, expression, bell ringer, declare, sanctify, high sign, score, flourish, chart, pant, declaim, litmus test, note, enroll, foreknowledge, symptom, token, bill, herald, signification, join, distinction, badge, warn, number, retain, flash, prognostication, signboard, suggestion, brand, advertorial, crisscross, omen, manse, chorus, home run, cross, beacon, enlist, warning, digit, MARKS, communicatory, numeral, portent, press, mime, proof, family, illustration, denotation, demonstration, Aquarius, show, stain, patsy, signalize, sign on, sign on the dotted line, ad, reduce, planetary house, symbol, subscribe to, participate, subscribe, singularity, premonition, chirp, glyph, point, representation, gesticulate, hallow, signpost, bless, signed, smoking gun, squeeze, poster, index, crest, indicate, point out, cast, shrink, astrology, theatre, feature, Capricorn, betoken, precursor, soft touch, foresight, emblem, household, John Hancock, banner ad, put, employ, cue, polarity, quality, grade, mug, body language, consecrate, symbolism, stigma, action, augury, pledge, presentiment, home, label.

incommunicative, uncommunicative.

Examples of usage:

1) She rose and made a sign to her husband. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) It was to ask for a light to see light with, a sign of a sign. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) After which he nodded in sign that the audience was ended and at the same time ordered the Greek to leave also. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.