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Spell check of brand

Correct spelling: brand

trademark, wave, brand leader, disfigurement, sear, byproduct, flag, send, signal, discoloration, spot, leaf blade, stain, guide, gesture, accredit, pock, snitch, firebrand, blister, kingdom, betray, nick, designate, bell ringer, put up, rank, shuffling, rift, punctuate, symbol, peg, flaw, deformity, MARKS, cast, strike out, ilk, grime, marque, smirch, impurity, scrape, sword, slit, target, dishonor, cow town, shrug, charcoal, brand name, fall guy, weal, nock, token, mark, tick off, term, indicate, crest, smudge, tag, taxonomy, smear, legend, disgrace, notify, eyesore, cross section, represent, wart, fleck, symbolize, instigator, grunge, class, rat, beacon, category, post, smoke, shuffle, denote, ash, kink, semaphore, betoken, spoilage, bull's eye, lesion, classification, inciter, spark, defect, pit, banner, line, caste, reproach, blur, pockmark, freckle, gesticulation, steel, gash, kind, strike off, fracture, assign, taint, genus, carry, guidepost, point, point out, blotch, colophon, step, cite, gull, blade, stamp, dot, print, denounce, generation, mark off, ascribe, blemish, tarnish, alert, blame, emblem, cinder, impute, wink, speck, soft touch, dirt, score, end product, mar, order, stigmatize, degree, blot, distortion, feather, check, designation, notation, splotch, sore, trade name, logotype, signpost, ticket, rate, distinguish, stag, fool, damage, pointer, abrasion, figuration, hint, tick, classify, place, scab, phylum, earmark, acknowledge, note, cattle prod, form, logo, home run, stake, sign, stub, variety, name, shop, credit, indication, respect, cross out, imperfection, fault, mail, cross off, soot, grease, drawback, clan, embers, patsy, insignia, series, scar, stigma, cue, set, give away, onus, provoker, nudge, grade, assort, icon, check off, species, strain, soil, credit with, genotype, denomination, derivative, breed, notice, stigmatise, seal, commemorate, notch, station, marker, cross, grouping, attribute, identify, crook, nod, persuasion, differentiate, chip, instigant, mold, gesticulate, crate, scuff, commodity, beckon, sort, denotation, stock, motion, lineup, chump, make, stripe, welt, family, dent, daub, hurt, dip, filth, grain, defacement, injury, lighthouse, fumes, attach, discolouration, ember, refer, key, mug, arrange, badge, prompt, grass, pigeonhole, level, dairy, type, style, race, scratch, slur, crisscross, vane, label, corral, categorize, group, apply, torch, connect, tell on, marking, people, hack.

repute, probity, virtuousness, scrupulousness, fame, award, renown, purity, right, righteousness, chastity, modesty, good, rectitude, honesty, goodness, uprightness, glory, credit, integrity, legitimacy, honor, chasteness.

Examples of usage:

1) You've had to brand a lot of calves that were missed. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) I rather think I knew when I want to brand without asking your advice. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) It was not the first time, nor the second, that she had been called upon to help brand. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.