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Spell check of shadiness

Correct spelling: shadiness

specter, trickery, craftiness, dusk, tad, deviousness, shiftiness, tone, shadow, shadowiness, subtlety, penumbra, chicanery, nicety, umbra, ghost, slyness, nuance, tincture, honest, shade, tint, sneakiness, spectre, indirection, wraith, dishonesty, underhandedness, craft, trickiness, refinement.

illumination, lucidness, light, effulgence, lucidity, brightness, lightness, brilliance, luminousness, radiancy, luminosity, luminance, incandescence, radiance.

Examples of usage:

1) Thus the party walked along, with the rapid current of the river close to their feet on one side, and the high green hedge shutting them in on the other, while the tops of the willow trees spreading over their heads completed the coolness and shadiness of the pathway. - "Rollo in Geneva", Jacob Abbott.

2) I understand perfectly to what I owe the pleasure of a stroll with you this morning, and your casual insistence on the shadiness of Carewe Street! - "The Two Vanrevels", Booth Tarkington.

3) In the pleasant shadiness of Dr. Archibald's office, rising from a delightful mahogany arm- chair, Susanna presently asked if Mrs. Thayer could be told that Mrs. Fairfax was there. - "Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby and Other Stories", Kathleen Norris.