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Spell check of shadow

Correct spelling: shadow

gloom, ciliary muscle, visor, bum, nip, incubus, stern, Dracula, eyeball, posterior, apparition, poltergeist, vagueness, curtain, light, umbrage, crumb, speck, suspicion, bugbear, stalk, echo, myth, train, lick, spot, smack, adumbration, swarthiness, tail end, empennage, dwarf, black, phantom, veil, night, darkness, tone, investigate, driblet, benches, absorb, buttocks, bugaboo, glimmer, familiar spirit, bit, trail, rear end, fag end, wraith, candlelight, chimera, nightmare, tooshie, fill in, tush, rear, parasol, choroid, darken, taste, terror, smell, vestige, hound, hindquarters, tail assembly, fogginess, blush, filibuster, snap, the Commons, trace, prat, the House of Lords, after part, baby blues, barrier, canopy, spirit, hint, show, semidarkness, wickedness, dab, twilight, extinguish, sprinkling, follow, blinders, fundament, suggestion, shred, pick up, dark, phantasm, vampire, blind, shadowy, eyeliner, block out, dominate, tracing, track, cover, ace, tinge, keep up, umbrella, stick to, eidolon, haziness, cloudiness, keister, daemon, sprite, phantasma, duskiness, relic, shade off, spatter, retrain, werewolf, bleariness, iniquity, dash, little, somberness, compact, dimness, bogey man, obscuration, indistinctness, tincture, tail, revenant, supernatural, seat, backbench, obscure, ghoul, whiff, eclipse, bogey, big, murkiness, eyebrow pencil, the House, backside, develop, can, dim, visitant, quarter, eye shadow, eyebrow, greasepaint, whisker, gloaming, monster, soup├žon, foundation, gloominess, fanny, cornea, blusher, shield, bottom, shadows, dispatch box, inkiness, half-light, strain, acquire, nighttime, overshadow, hobgoblin, aqueous humor, umbra, cut out, follow around, eye, faintness, succubus, dram, mite, conjunctiva, screen, master, behind, buns, blackness, specter, hair, obscurity, bindi, shadower, awning, ounce, bogle, dog, horror, watcher, illusion, hind end, vision, scintilla, ogre, tad, sunshade, splash, learn, breath, Frankenstein, dreariness, peanuts, haunt, murky, shutter, spectre, whisper, blacken, eyelash, Venetian blind, semblance, scruple, pall, nates, penumbra, smidgen, streak, rump, skosh, agent, lamp shade, murk, spark, hant, ray, ghost, fantasm, touch, tint, shade, dusk, shadiness, filminess, materialization, bogeyman, the House of Commons, face powder, panoply, intimation, derriere.

glare, overage, oversupply, luminosity, barrel, bucket, overabundance, lump, incandescence, effulgence, brightness, overkill, plenty, chunk, excess, lashings, lucidity, oodles, mountain, sunlight, lot, heaps, brilliance, overflow, surfeit, much, reams, starlight, loads, hunk, mass, superfluity, radiancy, gobs, slab, embarrassment, day, superabundance, mess, deal, raft, wealth, radiance, potful, luminance, sunshine, illumination, profusion, glow, blaze, quantity, peck, shine, luminousness, bushel, passel, wad, lucidness, surplus, scads, moonlight, daylight, abundance, lightness, bundle, bonanza, overmuch, fistful, light, boatload, pile, luminescence, stack, volume.

Examples of usage:

1) Like all the others, he was a shadow to her, a shadow to whom she said: 'Have you seen Tommy? - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) This gave a shadow twenty- eight feet long. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) He rode into the shadow, and, though he thought of her, it was curious that Violet Hamilton seemed to become less real to him as he pushed on down the valley. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.