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Spell check of overtop

Correct spelling: overtop

beat, exceed, better, outshine, tower, rule, overlook, look out over, drop, command, reign, outclass, outgun, outstrip, miss, top, omit, predominate, transcend, overshadow, pretermit, outmatch, excel, look out on, neglect, master, overleap, control, surpass, leave out, require, dominate, look across, prevail, outdo, eclipse, outdistance.


Examples of usage:

1) This thing's going to have overtop priority till it's cleared up. - "Time Crime", H. Beam Piper.

2) Those landmarks which to one within the circle seem to stand out and overtop the world are to the eyes of him without dwarfed often into insignificance, and other points rise into importance. - "The Soul of a People", H. Fielding.

3) The sweep of the Gemmi precipices rising around the village of Leukerbad in Switzerland is like it in kind; but almost another Gemmi, mortared with ice and glacier, would need to be reared upon the first, to overtop the snows of the Gavarnie Cirque. - "A Midsummer Drive Through The Pyrenees", Edwin Asa Dix.