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Spell check of inducement

Correct spelling: inducement

grant, drive, gratuity, spur, persuading, allurement, like, conversion, sweepstakes, sweetener, incitement, provocation, convincing, treat, wage, stimulus, lure, attraction, gift, remuneration, wages, incentive, seduction, temptation, come-on, stimulant, encouragement, bounty, amends, prompt, allowance, impulse, inducing, bait, persuasion, invitation, plum, compensation, reward, inveiglement, suasion, stimulation, prod, stimulator, instigation, stipend, carrot, enticement, cause, impetus, allotment, push, nourishment, award, tribute, motivation, fillip, consideration, prize, tip, motivator, atonement, bonus, energy, payment, honorarium.

deterrence, disincentive.

Examples of usage:

1) One of those smiles for every sober hour would be a distinct inducement to behave!" - "The Man From the Clouds", J. Storer Clouston.

2) The demand of the Confederate States will be the inducement in this as in the case of the powder- mill proposed. - "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2)", Jefferson Davis.

3) On the manner of behaving of the male portion of those present this person has no inducement whatever to linger. - "The Mirror of Kong Ho", Ernest Bramah.