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Spell check of divine

Correct spelling: divine

brave, unearthly, brag, god almighty, jim-dandy, radical, top-flight, noble, superior, lovely, hype, topping, beatific, celestial, extramundane, prognosticate, scriptural, forebode, foretell, human, godly, dedicated, top-shelf, omnipotent, seraphic, Lord, solemn, sacred, fantastic, good, clergyman, blessed, paradisaical, fabulous, preacher, superlative, peachy, glorious, bang-up, sublime, conjecture, fab, secular, super, devoted, predict, dandy, out-of-sight, prizewinning, supernatural, groovy, manufacturing business, angelic, inspired, prayerful, four-star, quality, first-string, ordained, consecrated, number one, guess, parson, blue-chip, righteous, paradisal, cleric, minister, sensational, cherubic, wonderful, gilt-edged, churchman, terrific, eternal, unsurpassed, heaven-sent, worshipful, classic, godlike, five-star, numero uno, heavenly, maker, tip-top, ceremonial, intuit, paradisaic, clerical, master, devilish, mean, fine, portend, splendid, boffo, capital, bode, frontline, overlord, cool, Jehovah, mystical, paradisiacal, nifty, dynamite, sanctified, hot, ghostly, miraculous, churchwoman, famous, stellar, down, sacrosanct, sanctioned, religion, beautiful, prime, corking, top, superb, ministerial, banner, phat, keen, crackerjack, immaculate, prophesy, high-class, Almighty, set apart, boss, cracking, bumper, providential, great, ritualistic, blue-ribbon, godhead, omnipresent, pious, peachy keen, superphysical, awesome, profane, marvelous, bonny, gone, holy, presage, top-of-the-line, tremendous, supreme, deific, omniscient, religious, prize, primo, choice, nobleman, superhuman, neat, bully, ecclesiastic, swell, gangbusters, faithful, paradisiac, manufacturer, excellent, venerable, slick, immense, shaper, first-rate, reverend, dreamy, sacrificial, augur, perfect, A1, elysian, supernal, hallowed, clergywoman, first-class, Arcadian, fantastical, creator, reverent, fervid, fantabulous, transcendent, A-OK, par excellence, sacramental, wizard, grand, top-notch, sterling, devotional, betoken, ripping, spiritual, ambrosial, clerk.

assure, terrible, atrocious, mortal, subhuman, secular, wretched, execrable, bad, vile, second-class, lousy, mediocre, natural, inferior, settle, insure, profane, substandard, poor, prove, middling, demonstrate, establish, inglorious, human, pathetic, awful, unsatisfactory, determine, second-rate, warrant, earthly, rotten, make sure, calculate, low-grade.

Examples of usage:

1) I could not believe this divine thing was of our real world until the pole of our tent gently quivered. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) What the future may hide in it I shall not venture to divine. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) He remembered one evening when they had been present at some party and she had been radiant, beautiful, in his eyes divine. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.