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Spell check of diptych

Correct spelling: diptych

bas-relief, cartoon, aquatint, caricature, doodle, canvas, collage, daub, abstract.

Examples of usage:

1) 4357, 4360, 4366, 4386, 4395. 1570 The diptych, which has been singularly preserved, was found in a deserted mine or quarry about 1780, along with some other private documents of a commercial character; v. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.

2) In the diptych, although the portrait of Richard himself was a likeness, the setting was imaginary and symbolic. - "The Book of Art for Young People", Agnes Conway Sir Martin Conway.

3) The diptych was sent to Sir Thomas More in London; the portrait of Gilles is now in the collection of the Earl of Radnor at Longford Castle. - "Erasmus and the Age of Reformation", Johan Huizinga.