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Spell check of dehydrate

Correct spelling: dehydrate

catheterize, sear, get, damp, wither, come down with, bleed, aspirate, contract, mummify, vaporize, behave, empty, develop, pump out, draw off, castrate, express, bond, evaporate, parch, behavior, action, catch, mop, wipe, balanced equation, assay, deaden, invade, devitalize, blot, afflict, dry, scorch, the carbon cycle, swab, go down with, dehumidify, drain, suffer, dry off, dry up, stanch, petrify, wring out, lobotomize, have, enervate, suck dry, exsiccate, desiccate, geld, calcify, adsorb, aerate, dampen.

energize, renew, submerge, rehydrate, reactivate, fortify, enliven, ferment, vivify, charge, hearten, inspire, flood, vitalize, bathe, reanimate, arouse, wet, sop, invigorate, rejuvenate, rouse, drench, recharge, hydrate, instigate, cheer, saturate, stimulate, deluge, buoy, wash, whip, waterlog, overflow, boost, swamp, quicken, fire, trigger, reawaken, embolden, souse, inundate, spark, resurrect, electrify, incite, kindle, moisten, soak, revive, dampen, excite, inflame, galvanize, lift, brace, regenerate, stir, water, damp, resuscitate, reawake, douse, provoke, dunk, dip, rekindle, foment, drown, humidify, abet, revitalize, refresh.

Examples of usage:

1) Captain, you don't dehydrate beans and pop- corn- they come that way naturally. - "Let'em Breathe Space", Lester del Rey.

2) It is employed to dehydrate certain oils with which the pork- packer adulterates lard. - "Highways and Byways in Surrey", Eric Parker.