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Spell check of aspirate

Correct spelling: aspirate

protract, dry off, closed syllable, draw out, pull up, consonant, drain, suck in, prolong, assonance, pull out, extend, bilabial, elicit, affricate, educe, draw off, evoke, take out, blot, aspiration, draw in, dry, pull, dehydrate, alveolar, bleed, mop, close vowel, express, extract.

Examples of usage:

1) During a pause, Mr. Pole lifting his white waistcoat with the effort, sent a word abroad, loudly and heartily, regardless of its guardian aspirate, like a bold- faced hoyden flying from her chaperon. - "Sandra Belloni by George Meredith, v1", George Meredith.

2) In their jargoning hardly an aspirate was in its right place, but they looked as if their hearts were, and if no word came from their lips with its true quality, but with that curious soft London slur or twist, they doubtless spoke a sound business dialect. - "London Films", W.D. Howells.

3) They were typical English people of the lower middle class, who read no books and conversed, with considerable misuse of the aspirate, about nothing but their own and their neighbours' affairs. - "Far Away and Long Ago", W. H. Hudson.