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Spell check of coalition

Correct spelling: coalition

concurrence, organization, bunch, omnium-gatherum, forum, crew, nest, circle, squad, compact, junta, ring, congregation, fleet, convention, summit, merger, association, assemblage, gang, assembly, wing, regiment, participation, coterie, parliament, club, band, string, stew, fusion, cell, alliance, optical fusion, combination, conjunction, troop, formation, litter, league, detail, phalanx, salad, posse, collusion, federation, partnership, crowd, fellowship, legislature, committee, congress, cabal, reciprocation, clan, council, symposium, school, union, drove, confederacy, brigade, collaboration, complement, faction, staff, confederation, force, corps, aggregation, hive, board, outfit, host, compression, calculus, medley, colony, army, pack, unification, society, division, conference, retinue, tribunal, consolidation, inquisition, clique, teamwork, collection, company, cadre, caucus, block, chamber, battalion, spinal fusion, part, concord, tribe, coalescency, mix, side, nuclear fusion, bloc, set, court, fraternity, college, connect, cabinet, detachment, flock, alignment, panel, bond, party, meeting, nuclear fusion reaction, cartel, combine, Anschluss, troupe, densification, compaction, conglutination, alinement, unity, bevy, herd, covey, axis, team, overlap, sect, politics, concretion, platoon, body, group, mob, coalescence, assortment.

separation, antagonism, disunion, enmity, discord, schism, secession, divorce, war, hostility, nonalinement, nonalignment.

Examples of usage:

1) Here are some of their expectations:- The invasion of the coast of Mexico and a coalition of Japanese forces with some military faction in Mexico likely to be of practical aid, the bombing of American cities on the Pacific Coast from the air, virtual cessation of communication between certain sections east of the Rocky Mountains and California, brought about not so much by physical means as by revolutionary influences. - "Psycho-Phone Messages", Francis Grierson.

2) Mr. Roebuck's motion of confidence in the Ministry was carried, but this success was largely due to the fact that a coalition between the Peelites and the Protectionists seemed impossible. - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.