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Spell check of zebra

Correct spelling: zebra

chimpanzee, bobcat, burro, fox, platypus, lynx, hyena, shrew, otter, antelope, camelopard, panther, reindeer, gnu, caribou, hamster, gazelle, puma, echidna, swine, arctic fox, sable, llama, jaguar, opossum, bison, alpaca, cat, donkey, elk, leopard, chipmunk, hippopotamus, kangaroo, hare, polecat, weasel, lemming, gorilla, wombat, yak, hog, mongoose, dingo, stag, koala, dog, ermine, goat, chimp, ibex, bear, coyote, porcupine, horse, gopher, deer, marmot, bush baby, ocelot, jackal, wallaby, ox, aardvark, buffalo, rat, cougar, rhinoceros, chinchilla, mink, wolf, skunk, cavy, dromedary, beaver, panda, mole, stoat, cheetah, camel, possum, mouse, sheep, mule, ferret, tiger, elephant, rabbit, sloth, moose, hedgehog, lion, giraffe, pig, squirrel, raccoon, cow.

Examples of usage:

1) Major Day was a fierce- looking, smart, officer- like man of sixty, with curly grey hair that stood out from his well- shaped head, piercing eyes, heavy dark brows, and a massive, zebra- patterned moustache, the rest of his face being closely shaven. - "The Star-Gazers", George Manville Fenn.

2) During his residence there, there had been two, thanks to a partition of zebra- skins; but these had been removed, and all was now in one room. - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.

3) To the zebra they bore the greatest resemblance- for they were in reality a species of zebra- they were quaggas. - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.