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Spell check of segregated

Correct spelling: segregated

unallied, excised, eerie, disconnected, limited, excluded, inappropriate, detached, split, foreign-born, dismantled, unfixed, secluded, extrinsic, unaffiliated, separate, isolated, exiled, disassociated, immaterial, evicted, ruptured, basic, impertinent, fragmented, fissured, foreign, extirpated, sequestered, misanthropic, broke, disbarred, confined, positive discrimination, ghettoized, include, ripped, free speech, blackballed, nonessential, amputated, extradited, extraneous, unglued, halved, cloistered, inapplicable, excommunicated, inadmissible, unessential, aloof, disjoint, white, exotic, rejected, removed, boycotted, unintegrated, pared, hermitic, incised, antisocial, estranged, disintegrated, bisected, lily-white, rent, expatriated, severed, strange, insulated, alone, quarantined, parted, closeted, nonintegrated, axed, alienated, parenthetical, disaffiliated, ousted, separated, deported, equality, cordoned, partitioned, ostracized, boycott, reclusive, divorced, equal opportunity, equal, outlandish, other, disassembled, ejected, lonely, sliced, unrelated, uncoupled, eliminated, broken, extraterrestrial, inclusion, xenophobic, cleft, screened, remote, dissected, disenfranchised, disunited, blacklisted, disarticulated, discrimination, maverick, divided, scissored, solitary, expelled, outer, alien, anonymous, outcast, disengaged, prejudiced, sundered, outside, unhinged, dissociated, restricted, irrelevant, human rights, disjoined, cleaved, banished, external, cut.

desegrated, mixed, integrated, coeducational, unsegregated, nonsegregated, co-ed, mainstreamed.

Examples of usage:

1) It grows better if it is segregated from the crowded forest. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) There has been but one instance in our history where a State has been divided, and the segregated portion been admitted into the Union as a State; and that is the case of West Virginia; but that admission was based on facts and conditions which every patriot hopes may never occur again. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) The Schmicks segregated themselves and looked on, regarding the window with sly, furtive glances in which there was a distinct note of uneasiness. - "A Fool and His Money", George Barr McCutcheon.