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Spell check of scotch

Correct spelling: scotch

grade, tamper, score, blow, mishandle, coddle, vitiate, regulate, get across, impair, indulge, ball up, flub, foul up, interfere with, corrupt, stick, undermine, gin, Arabism, puzzle, sloe gin, amaze, rum, get over, violate, pass over, sparing, cocker, bollix up, go bad, grudge, bungle, screw up, dull, foil, MARKS, hamstring, prostrate, itch, bodge, gravel, hamper, disable, crossbreed, hinder, incapacitate, brandy, pamper, muck up, whiskey, torment, shut off, bedevil, Asiatic, enfeeble, baby, malt whisky, Cognac, abrogate, pose, malt, nonplus, grievance, expose, scratch, economical, anesthetize, rag, Scotch whiskey, vodka, scupper, ale, whisky, benumb, cut through, crucify, stop, thwart, featherbed, red-eye, African-Caribbean, vex, plunder, bitters, mar, Scottish, lager, botch up, endanger, weaken, rye, dumbfound, Afghan, cosset, African, Australian, bumble, porter, account, Scotch whisky, saki, schnapps, thrifty, get, mess up, economic, bollocks up, dun, stinting, mead, Asian, cut across, Arab, louse up, bobble, spoil, mystify, applejack, baffle, frugal, stun, cross, beat, mollycoddle, slash, intersect, frustrate, Anglo, track, deaden, botch, hybridize, mark, sexual conquest, bilk, fluff, flummox, suppress, cut into, lame, neutralize, perplex, musical score, drink, invalidate, evade, hybridise, despoil, bollix, Scots, cramp, stamp out, poteen, elude, bourbon, disarm, hirsch, paralyze, kill off, stupefy, handicap, traverse, hold back, tequila, deflower, peril, malt whiskey, fumble, cover, hobble, interbreed, block, American, squeeze out, cripple, beer, span, sap, champagne, bewilder, sweep.


Examples of usage:

1) Note the number of wailing poems in Irish and Scotch literature where the death of a husband in war, or the loss of love, plays a part. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.

2) Here, according to Scotch tradition Arthur and Mordred met. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.

3) Yes, with the man in Scotch trousers. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.