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Spell check of private

Correct spelling: private

peculiar, patented, intimate, secluded, underground, buck private, clannish, unique, mystic, cliquish, secret, common soldier, esoteric, underhanded, cloak-and-dagger, removed, closet, specific, sneaky, snobby, nonpublic, hole-and-corner, single, furtive, undercover, clubby, underhand, idiomatic, hushed, retired, individual, behind the scenes, unavowed, mystical, own, separate, sequestered, snobbish, stealthy, inside, sneaking, withdrawn, show, stealth, singular, backstairs, offstage, clandestine, tete-a-tete, sneak, backstage, individualized, occult, personalized, closed-door, inward, isolated, hush-hush, covert, solitary, subjective, exclusive, mysterious, insular, reclusive, personal, hugger-mugger, confidential, close, one-on-one, off the record, toffee-nosed, auricular, particular, privy, hidden, orphic, cloistered, surreptitious.

disclosed, manifest, patent, professed, aboveboard, outward, communal, prevailing, national, proclaimed, broad, state-supported, enunciated, current, overt, typical, in the public eye, publicized, well-known, acknowledged, declared, semipublic, universal, avowed, unclassified, announced, published, blazed, prevalent, clear, popular, open, general, normal, divulged, regular, evident, rife, common, obvious, shared, public, plain, unconcealed, straightforward, reported, promulgated, generic, unrestricted, impersonal, heralded, aired, broadcast, vulgar, undisguised, widespread, unexclusive, advertised.

Examples of usage:

1) Religion to be declared a private affair. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Do as you would be done by, became a rule for politics as well as for private life, and the weak were supported against the strong. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) No, private yacht, the one these boys belong on. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.