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Spell check of post

Correct spelling: post

stick, score, come in, venture, girth, handbill, invest, office staff, shoes, organ, stanchion, speckle, download, government agency, stead, property, institutionalise, disclose, interest, mode, circulate, halter, copy to, promulgation, stigmatize, tolerate, unearth, bleachers, ex-serviceman, slip, remember, situation, smudge, localise, modality, generalship, balustrade, army, baseline, impale, blot, banister, expect, rear, pedestal, route, fort, stick out, horsewhip, put forward, staff, stigmatise, host, pack, announce, offer, conduct, shaft, send out, postmaster, put-up, chain armor, jeopardize, postcard, ambience, posture, letter, blinders, air power, take, dispatch, alley, promote, notice, direct, mooring, dial up, court, site, pole, publish, formation, persuade, standard, arrangement, do, advertisement, gestate, bar, acknowledge, ring armour, part, ring armor, bureau, tin, contain, the Coast Guard, framework, brand, plaza, pinpoint, stem, hold, aim, fire off, behave, line, stockpile, chain armour, environment, can, civilian, stance, touch, the Royal Mail, promulgate, stand, state, position, institutionalize, carry, flagpole, bust, correspondence, harness, impart, postmistress, run, role, C in C, aspect, convey, short letter, suffer, rafter, appointment, billet, farm out, quality, locating, fatigues, message, layout, punt, rod, caryatid, mine shaft, deport, register, channel, epistle, reveal, proclaim, grade, patch, gatepost, tally, clay, discover, erect, denounce, Boolean, daub, bunk, location, pilaster, bet, emplacement, back, spot, the armed forces, fleck, adventure, locate, beam, ex-servicewoman, bundle off, abide, raise, mullion, hazard, stock, stalk, civvy, snail mail, upright, set up, bowl, mail, ship, scene, business office, newspaper, stake, chain mail, acquit, prop, spread, journal, circumstance, blogosphere, scaffold, garrison, smear, digest, side, PO, newel, review, column, bet on, charge, brief, office, military post, mail service, publication, assignment, bit, collateral damage, lay, style, broadcast, bulletin, dapple, air, elevator shaft, flame, insert, brook, cavalry, set, command, blank space, stain, crop, profession, send off, fence, access number, spatial relation, browse, gantry, game, pack off, evacuee, maintain, base, parachute, joist, piazza, attitude, stomach, gage, rank, postal service, comport, contribute, sway, reply, bookmark, status, state of affairs, pip, hook up, ABEND, have a bun in the oven, air force, transport, chat, spotlight, announcement, function, bridle, stud, anonymous FTP, the home front, answer, home, mark, buttress, domiciliate, acknowledgment, address, transmit, rate, localize, parcel, account name, find, notch, order, situate, foundation, trademark, maculation, range, dissemination, airborne, standing, lieu, place, wager, gazette, disposition, get off, provide, built in bed, relocate, seat, mast, agency, station, put, advertise, detail, noncombatant, Bluetooth, military position, moorage, civil, pillar, hurdle, crease, dog tag, berth, get, disseminate, smirch, frame, target, space, facebook, bear, configuration, view, journalism, ring mail, propaganda, newsletter, propagandize, slur, pose, come out, endure, post office, blind certificate, mailbag, establish, perspective, nominate, commercial, put out, authority, promotion, job, power, correspond, note, commit, enter, extend, tunnel, condition, federal agency, support, placement, herald, report, periodical, positioning, baluster, point, identify, record, topographic point, send, stakes, circular, dribble, AstroTurf, house, express, newsmagazine.

Examples of usage:

1) To worship the Bible as if it were Christ is to mistake a finger- post for a house of shelter. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Very well; but I wish you would wait until I finish my letter, then you can post it on your way there. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Ye'll find him by post. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.