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Spell check of peddle

Correct spelling: peddle

haggle, merchant, pitch, cant, lurch, vend, handle, sky, gear, hawk, incline, deliver, huckster, chaffer, slope, cant over, market, clear the throat, set up, trade, toss, shift, merchandise, higgle, deal, tilt, sell, push, monger, retail, flip.

Examples of usage:

1) Some day I'll hev a farm of my own and a city office, but I'll begin on one cow in our back lot and peddle milk to the neighbors. - "Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley", Belle K. Maniates.

2) Fighting being a thirsty business, it was necessary to arrange for piping up water, for great tanks to hold that water, and for water- carts, hundreds and hundreds of them, to peddle it among the panting troops. - "Italy at War and the Allies in the West", E. Alexander Powell.

3) " No vacation for me," he said; " I must work to pay my debts; and as I am not of much use here, I'll try my old plan, and peddle some money into my empty pockets." - "Spinning-Wheel Stories", Louisa May Alcott.