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Spell check of offense

Correct spelling: offense

Common misspellings*:

  • offence (94%)

insult, slap, wrong, charge, misdemeanor, onset, dart, offensive, poke, hurt, despite, thrust, evil, bitterness, misdoing, deviltry, name, disrespect, fight, felony, like, onslaught, evildoing, violation, aggression, pain, sullenness, error, rudeness, furor, villainy, misdemeanour, wickedness, blitz, annoyance, spite, barb, warfare, sarcasm, detestation, transgression, discourtesy, slur, lawbreaking, strike, attempt, combat, indignity, right, foray, dis, abomination, raid, peccancy, fury, descent, indignation, tirade, invasion, ruffled feathers, riot, breach, blitzkrieg, coup de main, vexation, epithet, barrage, displeasure, frenzy, storm, plague, slight, nuisance, antagonism, cut, contumely, pique, soreness, abhorrence, hatred, infuriation, bloodshed, hard feelings, personality, dudgeon, ill humor, law-breaking, infringement, brickbat, injustice, immorality, discontent, violence, curse, offensive activity, dig, shame, gird, onrush, siege, war, miff, misdeed, spasm, diablerie, horror, mischief, wrath, acerbity, disgust, illegality, crime, bombardment, huff, battle, abuse, bile, assault, huffiness, wrongdoing, anger, offence, assailment, umbrage, peeve, attack, affront, iniquity, envy, malfeasance, debt, atrocity, put-down, infraction, aversion, sortie, rush, outbreak, resentment, trespass, sin, battery, outrage, rancor, malefaction, irritation, execration, dissatisfaction.

compliment, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, goodness, faultlessness, defending team, guiltlessness, virtue, applause, joy, pleasure, acclaim, praise, commendation, enjoyment, shelter, approval, virtuousness, esteem, righteousness, flattery, affection, impeccability, adulation, resistance, appreciation, blessing, blamelessness, defense, irreproachability, guard, protection, defensive, innocence, pacification, accolade, appeasement, happiness, morality, security, shield, benefit, mollification, desire, delight, treat, defence, opposition.

Examples of usage:

1) The last, I suppose, is after all his chief offense. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) It struck Florence that he was indifferent as to whether she took offense at this or not; and he was undoubtedly determined to stick fast to the rein. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) No offense, he added, coolly. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

Similar words:
sex offense, statutory offense, statutory offence, offended, offender, offend, Offered, offside, offerer.

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