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Spell check of moody

Correct spelling: moody

helen newington wills, malevolent, beetle-browed, benighted, grumpy, overcome, sorry, petulant, tragic, unhappy, contrary, contemplative, ungenial, depressed, terrible, forbidding, dismal, squeamish, lachrymose, Helen Wills Moody, dark, dogged, coloured, glum, disheartened, lowering, rancid, irascible, emotional, pensive, drab, noncooperative, disconsolate, anxious, dour, Helen Wills, cynical, erratic, sullen, sad, plaintive, feelings, despairing, happy, hostile, broody, grouchy, low-spirited, crabby, dwight lyman moody, cross, cantankerous, threatening, dolorous, woeful, scowling, dark-skinned, turned, downhearted, temperamental, unyielding, surly, frowning, drear, thin-skinned, dingy, joyless, fretful, long-faced, black, unfriendly, dissociable, mean, depressing, off, off-key, melancholy, moping, heartbreaking, painful, glowering, unsociable, non-white, morose, fragile, sinister, defensive, saturnine, grim, miserable, heartbroken, false, mournful, gloomy, heavy, upsetting, pertinacious, blue, uncooperative, sour, wistful, anguished, ill-natured, prim, dejected, hypersensitive, despondent, persistent, sensitive, prudish, obscure, touchy, tenacious, discouraged, dispirited, dreary, sulky, obstinate.

even, settled, inflexible, invariable, unemotional, equable, good-natured, unchangeable, stable, immutable, unalterable, changeless, constant, steady, unchanging.

Examples of usage:

1) At times it died out and he shivered as before a blackened fire, the dead ashes of a moody disgust of life. - "Command", William McFee.

2) For it's the Moody an' Sankey man. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

3) If I catch a Moody an' Sankey man here, I'll break ivery bone in his body, an' yours too; ye hear that now! - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.