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Spell check of depressed

Correct spelling: depressed

despondent, debilitated, mad, checked, wistful, disheartened, glum, drowsy, melancholic, dejected, daunted, heartsore, subdued, happy, disinclined, hindered, droopy, confused, moody, plunged, dreary, saddened, flaccid, frustrated, downcast, sorrowful, dented, lower, bleak, deprived, inhibited, below, averted, sunken, over-weary, debased, toilsome, miserable, melancholy, rock bottom, restrained, sorry, disadvantaged, sunk, pessimistic, economically, deepened, contemplative, sleepy, attenuated, shortened, impeded, dissuaded, worn-out, dull, dolorous, prevented, brokenhearted, desolate, morose, frazzled, tired, downhearted, hollow, run-down, bipolar, chilled, low-level, uphill, crater-like, indented, dampened, demented, inconsolable, barred, unhappy, feeble, plaintive, sank, underprivileged, heavyhearted, cast down, hangdog, weak, bullish, stifled, recessed, throttled, bad, buoyant, disconsolate, heavy-hearted, wasted, woeful, apathetic, paralyzed, blue, overcome, banned, faint, sad, submerged, gloomy, capitalist, thin, discouraged, certifiable, down, hysterical, exhausted, lowered, derailed, diverted, backward, joyless, down in the mouth, deranged, economic, dysphoric, wayworn, admonished, pensive, cheerless, anguished, subnormal, dished, heartbroken, sullen, wretched, limp, dispirited, grim, footsore, crestfallen, hopeless, spiritless, ailing, fatigued, forlorn, deflected, bottom, aggregate, mournful, desperate, lachrymose, homesick, heartsick, hampered, weary, despairing, concave, de-motivated, intimidated, impoverished, antigrowth, deterred, anxious, rich, doleful, curbed, low, decreased, dropped, trying, low-spirited, woebegone, tristful, insane, dismal, diminished responsibility, bored, listless, deflationary.

lively, enlarged, entranced, ballooning, energetic, rounded, animated, convex, opulent, mirthful, devil-may-care, affluent, glad, upbeat, coddled, exultant, blissful, optimistic, delighted, well-to-do, global, distended, blessed, cambered, swollen, puffy, projecting, jutting, inflated, gladdened, enraptured, grinning, privileged, bulbous, cavalier, flush, laughing, happy, wealthy, prospering, sprightful, jubilant, smiling, cheerful, risen, beaming, frisky, successful, pleased, protrusive, joyous, buoyed, jocular, gratified, bloated, peppy, ecstatic, protruding, zippy, encouraged, blithe, exuberant, blithesome, protuberant, blown up, rosy, rapturous, well-off, lightsome, jocund, extended, round, flourishing, propertied, rhapsodic, puffed, jocose, comfortable, indulged, sprightly, globular, bouncing, cheery, lighthearted, elated, perky, well-heeled, pampered, merry, vivacious, fortunate, bulging, expanded, sunny, vital, high, boon, spherical, prosperous, gladsome, rich, sanguine, excited, satisfied, insouciant, jolly, heartened, gleeful, euphoric, jovial, spoiled, thrilled, thick, loaded, moneyed, thriving, exhilarated, advantaged, domed, easygoing, jaunty, overjoyed, unconcerned, chipper, hopeful, springy, joyful, carefree, careless, lucky, spirited, content, happy-go-lucky, buoyant.

Examples of usage:

1) One day, however, when he returned in the afternoon he was much depressed. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Thorne noticed that the man, who was usually optimistic and cheerful, looked depressed. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) The world was so fresh and clean and strong this morning that the figure and voice of his grandfather hung unpleasantly about him and depressed him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.