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Spell check of mickle

Correct spelling: mickle

freshet, bundle, band, visual sense, set, whole lot, troop, view, messiness, muss, bus, sight, volume, fold, circumstances, mess, portion, tummy, hoi polloi, chaw, voltaic pile, kitty, ken, whole slew, bargain, caboodle, hand, potentiometer, lot, jackpot, galvanic pile, stilt, cud, gage, surge, softwood, green goddess, cumulus, batch, mountain, throne, pickle, good deal, big money, fate, commode, stool, smoke, push-down storage, spate, crapper, potbelly, people, fortune, piling, kettle of fish, potful, visual modality, jam, slew, stack, chew, business deal, luck, plenitude, sess, flowerpot, passel, multitude, can, big bucks, grass, great deal, heap, trade, mint candy, skunk, push-down list, plug, peck, chain reactor, pile, vision, destiny, flock, draw, bay window, push-down store, circle, cumulation, masses, upsurge, weed, clutch, megabucks, atomic pile, fix, down, muckle, raft, mussiness, tidy sum, plentitude, locoweed, mound, deal, agglomerate, hatful, smokestack, push-down stack, atomic reactor, quite a little, spile, survey, rush, mass, plenty, potty, mess hall, bulk, wad, plenteousness, plentifulness, jalopy, corporation, nap, quid, muddle, mount, bunch, mint, sens.

Examples of usage:

1) " These four and twenty mills complete, " Sall gang for thee thro' a' the yeir; " And as mickle of gude reid wheit, " As a' their happers dow to bear." - "Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3)", Walter Scott.

2) Writing " not to gratify the dull few, whose greatest pleasure is to see what the author exactly says," but " to give a poem that might live in the English language," Mickle puts up a vigorous defense of his methods. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) And I hae mickle fear He's t'aen my heart forbye. - "Vidyapati Bangiya Padabali Songs of the love of Radha and Krishna", Vidyapati Thakura.