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Spell check of jig

Correct spelling: jig

galliard, bossa nova, cavort, fit, square dance, shenanigan, beguine, one-step, folk dance, two-step, reel, knack, juggle, polonaise, cut in, device, gyrate, marengue, rumba, flimflam, fox trot, minuet, hornpipe, can-can, flounder, cha-cha, subterfuge, trip the light fantastic, conga, moonwalk, shuffle, honest, rock, shimmy, flamenco, artifice, contortion, cancan, blade, lambada, fidget, gambit, maneuver, claw, gavotte, samba, foxtrot, take-in, allemande, gigue, convulse, boogie, the business end, bit, imposture, stratagem, fandango, contort, polka, cakewalk, chuck, dancing, feint, trip the light fantastic toe, mazurka, waltz, broomstick, tarantella, gimmick, dodge, fetch, means, jitterbug, tango, cotillion, sleight, ploy, hula, Highland fling, bristle, mambo, hop, attachment, bolero, belly dance, disco, fidgety, scheme, Charleston, music, courante, trick, deception, mosh, turkey trot, quadrille, flail, dance, wile, tap dance, clog, play, hootchy-kootchy, twist, convulsion, ruse, contredanse, jive, edge.

Examples of usage:

1) Up got the bear, and began shuffling and leaping about, in a fashion which strangely resembled an Irish jig, at the same time singing in a voice which sounded remarkably like that of a human being. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.

2) In the evening I was aroused from a nap into which I had fallen, by the sound of an Irish jig played on a violin, followed by shouts of laughter, clapping of hands, shrieks, and merriment, while the noise of feet from the courtyard below told me that Larry had been as good as his word. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.

3) The cause was very evident, for there was Larry in the midst of a group of seamen, dancing an Irish jig to the tune of one of his most rollicksome songs. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.