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Spell check of indecisive

Correct spelling: indecisive

changeable, irresolute, pendulous, modifiable, unresolved, ambivalent, flighty, nonsystematic, systemless, unwilling, yellow, shifty, iffy, hotly, equivocal, irregular, insipid, malleable, spineless, erratic, reserve, fleeting, shrinking, dillydallying, timid, agonizing, chancy, shy, unmethodical, indecision, arbitrary, unsure, whimsical, weak, dubitable, plastic, double-minded, borderline, inconclusive, rambling, indefinite, indeterminate, competitive, wayward, fanciful, devastating, suspensive, unclear, questionable, impulsive, motiveless, clear, tentative, vacillant, wishy-washy, mutable, sporadic, halting, scatterbrained, vacillating, hesitating, volatile, haphazard, ambiguous, dubious, doubtful, halfhearted, fluctuating, unreliable, fly-by-night, pliable, random, undecided, decisive, reasonless, handsome, comfortable, shilly-shally, hesitant, on the fence, wandering, certain, fickle, problematic, friendly, agonized, permutable, decide, uncertain, torn, hot, spastic, undependable, frivolous, hardball, watery, adrift, irresponsible, infirm, capricious, careless, convincing, flitting, inconsistent, vacillatory, problematical, pliant, fitful, inconstant, clouded.

definite, resolute, determining, fatal, peremptory, unhesitating, deciding, determinative, decisive, determinant, fateful.

Examples of usage:

1) As early as 1638 Windbank believed that French influence was working in Scotland, where, on account of the old alliance between the two countries, it would have a specially favourable field; but when he wrote for information to the Earl of Leicester, at that time ambassador in Paris, he received an indecisive and somewhat petulant reply. - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.

2) The details now offer rather dry reading, as the economic theories of all the contestants were more or less crude, the results of the conflict indecisive, and the effects upon our history ephemeral. - "Thomas Hart Benton", Theodore Roosevelt.

3) And yet there are natures in which the rational and irrational elements wage a long and indecisive conflict until, slowly, at last, the passions recognise their rightful master, and become obedient to the heavenly voice within. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.