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Spell check of inapposite

Correct spelling: inapposite

inapplicable, immaterial, untoward, incompatible, extraneous, conflicting, improper, unhappy, out, inept, unsuitable, unsuited, inapt, discrepant, irrelative, unbefitting, out of place, ill-matched, impertinent, incommensurable, mismatched, unseemly, of place, infelicitous, perverse, absurd, unfit, contradictory, inconsistent, mismated, incongruous, irreconcilable, inappropriate, wrong, unbecoming, unapt, inharmonious, malapropos, amiss, graceless, incorrect, contrary, repugnant, discordant, indecorous.

blameless, decent, commendable, compatible, pat, apropos, balanced, seasonable, becoming, opportune, permitted, apt, promoted, adequate, fine, harmonious, happy, approved, kosher, relative, accordant, consistent, endorsed, companionate, meaningful, irreproachable, authorized, apposite, OK, consonant, genteel, agreeing, meet, acceptable, congruous, decorous, licensed, useful, suitable, tolerable, befitting, all right, applicable, congenial, sanctioned, germane, passable, seemly, fit, supported, right, abetted, material, pointed, allowed, fitting, encouraged, creditable, correct, felicitous, sensible, relevant, important, exemplary, fortunate, significant, satisfactory, proper, respectable, appropriate, timely, pertinent.

Examples of usage:

1) As for Jenny Trewhella, madness would have to help the signature of such an inapposite conjunction. - "Carnival", Compton Mackenzie.

2) They are names mostly associated with the early annals of Montreal, and seem rather inapposite here. - "Toronto of Old", Henry Scadding.

3) I assured her gravely I thought so too; but forbore telling her how totally inapposite her application was to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. - "Coelebs In Search of a Wife", Hannah More.