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Spell check of graze

Correct spelling: graze

skimming, drift, clip, chomp, cut, pick up, strain, bolt, palm, twiddle, furrow, hunt, devour, shaving, ramble, dap, black eye, uproot, trim, order, demolish, caress, wrinkle, pluck, crinkle, grade, swan, blemish, crook, vagabond, straddle, harm, rove, snip, masticate, forage, surf, rumple, shave, rub, nibble, pasture, cattle prod, cultivate, scrunch, rate, injure, eat, batten, root, roll, blackhead, grazing, shop, rake, brush, blister, choke down, work, prey on, gather up, place, glance over, feel, range, crunch, set out, crop, touch, lay out, crumple, stray, corral, crate, ruminate, palpate, disable, boil, bedsore, ricochet, lop, skip, cannibalize, run, carom, scan, crisp, bite, prune, ruckle, finger, wound, flick, rank, kiss, bruise, scrunch up, run down, glance, feed on, browse, handle, athlete's foot, contact, paw, brand, array, cow town, feed, scrape, cast, feed off, gnaw, munch, burn, dairy, strike, blotch, manipulate, cut back, pat, abrasion, abscess, wander, roam, crease, break, skim, ply, dress, dip, champ.

Examples of usage:

1) The waggon was drawn just off the road, and the oxen, released from their yokes, were turned loose for a short graze, preparatory to being tied to the trek- chain for the night. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.

2) The " boy" who was sent to bring in the two horses, which were turned loose to graze, returned with only one; the other he could not find. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.

3) I found a young fellow who agreed to graze the land and pay the taxes. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.