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Spell check of gas

Correct spelling: gas

juice, hardihood, amphetamine, pep, bumble, oomph, oratory, butane, bollocks up, ammonia, artillery, braggadocio, analgesic, flub, bull, laugh, coal-fired, chlorine, capacity, life, hot air, words, antacid, hydrogen, atmosphere, ether, drive, mess up, brag, scream, delectation, fossil fuel, slaughter, zing, antibiotic, moxie, throttle, botch, blabber, gasconade, accelerator, fluid, gun for hire, chitchat, botch up, liquid, blow out, gun, riot, hoot, bombast, snap, foul up, fuel, joy, gossip, laughter, chat, get-up-and-go, yak, waste, verbiage, propane, sport, shove off, prate, tout, acetylene, bodge, plash, oil, gasohol, go on, shooter, feast, petrol, pleasure, vinegar, gasoline, zip, prattle, mustard gas, neon, miasma, CFC, vitality, fustian, anabolic steroid, combustion, magniloquence, gas pedal, peat, drift, splatter, carbon dioxide, spatter, kerosene, fumes, flatulency, panic, boast, diesel, vaunt, ordnance, speed up, blow off, brio, argon, massacre, bollix up, assassinate, coal, float, fellate, small talk, helium, oxygen, blab, xenon, charcoal, muck up, fume, nitrogen, turgidness, palaver, high-octane, speed, vim, atom smasher, coke, anesthetic, briquette, squander, triggerman, gasolene, fanfaronade, turgidity, bluster, grease-gun, strangle, louse up, gunman, gunslinger, bollix, rarefaction, rodomontade, verve, flatulent, energy, carbon, burp, belch, joke, dash, nerve gas, antidepressant, fluff, punch, gusto, burn, catalyst, esprit, crude, anticoagulant, swash, splosh, fumble, absurdity, laughing gas, methane, rant, go down on, kick, blow, bungle, vapor, shove along, accelerator pedal, exterminate, throttle valve, mishandle, be adrift, dispatch, hit man, biomass, go, treat, swagger, bounce, particle accelerator, feature, black gold, beans, waffle, ball up, shoot a line, bump off, antidote, grandiloquence, screw up, sap, barrel, natural gas, ethane, spiel, carbon monoxide, howl, manna, chlorofluorocarbon, heavy weapon, spoil, dynamism, splash, propellant, anaesthetic, biogas, burn out, ozone, cockalorum, hurry, torpedo, ginger, benzene, bobble, starch, biofuel, chatter, jabber, step on it, jaw, tear gas, babble, hitman, clack, run on, wind, hired gun, gab.

faintness, debilitation, softness, feebleness, weakness, frailness, listlessness, tenderness, exhaustion, puniness, prostration, frailty, lethargy, indolence, infirmity, delicacy, debility, torpidity, enervation, sluggishness, laziness, slightness, impotence, impotency, powerlessness, inanition, disablement, enfeeblement.

Examples of usage:

1) The boy was to leave the balloon with him on the parachute, and then, when within fifty feet of the ground, fly away by himself on an immense pair of white wings filled with gas. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) The gas that had come pouring out of the warehouse at the head of the valley last night. - "For Every Man A Reason", Patrick Wilkins.

3) The gas and water supply of towns is a monopoly, and though the point is not undisputed, it appears to answer better on the whole in public than in private hands, because the management has no interest to serve except the interest of the public. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.