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Spell check of defend

Correct spelling: defend

oppose, raise, parry, take hold, throw, keep off, reserve, halt, contain, digest, safeguard, bulwark, appear, take, escort, concur, guarantee, struggle, go for, echo, obtain, duel, take for, confess, declare, confute, backfire, bring, recommend, cite, yield, symbolise, fence, brawl, hold back, house, confine, obey, hassle, hedge, exonerate, overturn, plunk for, support, cover, fulfil, match, foster, barricade, patronage, convoy, conduct, assert, stave off, watch over, hold in, plump for, warrant, plead, push, constitute, rebut, curb, look after, nurse, atone, stick out, endure, patronize, give, second, abide, detain, screen, champion, negate, apologize, dissent, care for, oblige, control, keep going, maintain, correspond, return, be, counter, have got, contradict, book, carry, police, nourish, counterattack, ward, lay out, contest, observe, entertain, brook, tolerate, exert, exculpate, endorse, act, confront, insure, belie, apply, fend off, avert, make up, hold up, present, shield, abandon, befriend, disprove, uphold, react, cherish, controvert, stand up for, indorse, conserve, bolster, respond, make, secure, preserve, guard, stage, vindicate, fend for, ride, wrestle, garrison, confirm, subscribe, deem, mine, put up, admit, agree, conflict, clash, comprise, appeal, wield, save, carry on, contrast, expound, justify, wrangle, asseverate, allow, espouse, adjudge, keep up, fight down, view as, check, map, shelter, stick up for, concord, repent, symbolize, reply, sustain, leave, convict, underpin, bring before, bar, withstand, speak for, restrain, press, attack, contravene, arrest, stomach, interpret, quarrel, patronise, charge, counterbalance, ward off, play off, face, harbor, regret, back, entrench, stand for, corroborate, play, enter, suffer, bear, take in, acknowledge, aid, retain, arraign, prevail, obligate, defy, deny, antagonize, buffer, forfend, fight, keep, withhold, resist, vie, agitate, protect, stand, contend, refute, have, bicker, back up, advocate, crusade, meet, rationalize, fend, take up, harbour, protest, object, dispute, explain, encounter, cover up for, refrain, retort, moderate, bear out, exemplify, keep back, typify, accuse, race, represent, claim, call, hold, watch, campaign, answer, bind, celebrate, affirm, pit, substantiate, fight back, accommodate, subvert, argue, surrender.

retract, rebut, forsake, yield, prosecute, abjure, cave, switch, disprove, beset, take back, bombard, refute, submit, storm, attack, reverse, controvert, besiege, recant, capitulate, assault, withdraw, abandon, overrun, assail.

Examples of usage:

1) For he will defend us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) For with what will I hunt, with what will I defend you in case of an attack? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) As to that, he will defend us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.