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Spell check of coupon

Correct spelling: coupon

dough, receipts, sterling, net worth, pasteboard, bill, purse, nugget, gross, coinage, bank note, silver, wad, capital, currency, income, lucre, promissory note, proceeds, discount card, loot, funds, bankroll, scratch, food stamp, profit, voucher, credit slip, issue, gold, petty cash, food coupon, wherewithal, fortune, certificate, copper, cash, ecolabel, pocket money, check, worth, ticket, wealth, wallet, money order, docket, greenback, wampum, draft, verifier, ways and means, swag, card, note, bullion, stock, stub, money, gift certificate, bar code, pounds, change, pass, IOU, bond, balance sheet, spending money, dollar, ingot, assets, treasure, moolah, courtesy card, scrip.

Examples of usage:

1) Cut out this Coupon. - "Lady-Betty-Across-the-Water", Lowell, Orson.

2) It's been comin' his way ever since he was big enough to clip a coupon. - "Shorty McCabe", Sewell Ford.

3) He put in a few barrels of flour and of sugar, a few boxes of crackers, a few gallons of kerosene, an assortment of soap of the " save the coupon" brands; in the cellar, a few barrels of potatoes, and a pyramid of kindling- wood; in the showcase, an alluring display of penny candy. - "The Promised Land", Mary Antin.