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Spell check of amiss

Correct spelling: amiss

incongruous, inapposite, astray, indecorous, imperfect, bad, adverse, unsuitable, fraught, nonfunctional, sour, surprise, difficult, haywire, the matter, problematic, thrive, wrong, inapt, incorrect, unapt, untoward, embarrassing, out of order, unfit, askew, troublesome, defective, infelicitous, unbecoming, inept, skew-whiff, contentious, improper, invidious, unseemly, perverse, disruptive, awry, imperfectly, malapropos, flawed, unhappy, graceless, malfunctioning.

complete, entire, undamaged, perfect, germane, felicitous, relative, fine, faultless, correct, consonant, congenial, adequate, pat, permitted, encouraged, apropos, fortunate, creditable, licensed, OK, sanctioned, unblemished, decent, appropriate, commendable, companionate, opportune, kosher, allowed, blameless, genteel, seemly, supported, meet, tolerable, proper, endorsed, right, harmonious, fit, befitting, pointed, relevant, intact, seasonable, perfectly, all right, unimpaired, becoming, apt, respectable, material, unspoiled, congruous, abetted, compatible, acceptable, suitable, applicable, whole, irreproachable, satisfactory, impeccable, happy, timely, apposite, balanced, fitting, promoted, approved, functioning, authorized, decorous, flawless, exemplary, passable.

Examples of usage:

1) Whatever Martin, then, suggested in the way of security never came amiss; whether it were a farm, a mill, a quarry, or a lead mine, he accepted it at once, and, as Martin deemed, without the slightest knowledge or investigation, little suspecting that there was not a detail of his estate, nor a resource of his property, with which the wily Jew was not more familiar than himself. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) This, I could perceive in the faces of certain of the frequenters of my future parent's house, was greatly taken amiss, but as the General's cordial manner remained the same, and the mistress of the house continued to shew me a cool amiability, I bore it with great equanimity. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) " You see," he continued, " how freely I take advantage of the privilege of friendship, telling you every thought which crosses my mind, I make up for my long silence, and you will not take it amiss. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.