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Spell check of ambush

Correct spelling: ambush

attack, camouflage, footle, expose, surprise, tarry, lallygag, bunker, lollygag, net, mess about, sand trap, lie in wait, trap, peril, skulk, ambushment, yap, cakehole, cover, bushwhack, lurk, waylay, still-hunt, snare, mill around, lounge, maw, blind, endanger, linger, hang around, loiter, ambuscade, pitfall, lying in wait, deception, web, gob, trick, scupper, mill about, loaf.

Examples of usage:

1) I was satisfied that they were unarmed, save with bows and arrows, which, to be effective, required both ambush and a short range; so, although five or six miles from camp, I was fearful of neither. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

2) I saw them from ambush, and my first impression was to shoot the buck; but I hesitated, and finally concluded not to do it. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) They would quit their ambush and come in search of him, or, at any rate, some of them might. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.