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Spell check of ambuscade

Correct spelling: ambuscade

lallygag, skulk, peril, expose, bunker, mill around, bushwhack, tarry, loiter, scupper, snare, gob, loaf, mill about, ambush, hang around, cakehole, footle, lollygag, surprise, attack, mess about, sand trap, ambushment, lying in wait, maw, trap, still-hunt, lurk, endanger, linger, lie in wait, waylay, yap, lounge.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes; but it was on a forlorn hope, for which he volunteered, and in the course of which he is said to have walked straight into an almost obvious ambuscade of the enemy's. - "Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose", Grant Allen.

2) The thought of a possible ambuscade deterred the listener less than the thought of leaving Nan, from whom he was unwilling to separate himself for a moment. - "Nan of Music Mountain", Frank H. Spearman.

3) Believing this to be an ambuscade stratagem the British dared not pursue him. - "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution", L. Carroll Judson.