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Spell check of adopt

Correct spelling: adopt

encompass, hire, prefer, drive, suck in, exact, rear, fasten on, fall out, parent, arrogate, use, give, take on, drag, contract, dupe, catch, contain, comply, withdraw, admit, assume, aggrandise, feign, learn, suck up, cover, watch over, shoot, overhear, soak up, accompany, drag in, sop up, rent, aggrandize, take-up, choose, get married, pass, gull, simulate, put one over, bring in, favor, fool, scoop up, be, evolve, bring, pursue, postdate, repeat, foster, see, require, aim, tangle, presume, take aim, use up, subscribe, wed, deal, wish, involve, conjoin, collect, slang, father, invite, relieve, bring up, buy out, read, sorb, sham, win, draw, take-in, succeed, imbibe, ingest, consume, undertake, seize on, conduct, trace, affirm, stick with, imitate, receive, pick, dramatize, comprehend, start, affiliate, determine, play, need, take for granted, film, encounter, realise, deny, judge, borrow, put one across, approve, put on, realize, scoop out, cod, embroider, larn, hook up with, travel along, clear, fancy, carry, squeeze, develop, make, produce, embellish, take after, get into, seize, absorb, bosom, stick to, assimilate, get hitched with, keep up, hold, hug, scoop, ratify, sweep up, demand, follow, direct, espouse, wear, sweep, take over, dramatise, come, conform to, lard, lift out, blow up, usurp, select, pick out, necessitate, watch, disinherit, lead, raise, keep an eye on, postulate, remove, mother, don, elect, decide, play along, take, embroil, look at, survey, tackle, ask, convey, guide, engage, pull in, befool, utilize, come after, latch on, get, bear, gain, earn, meet, surveil, have, give up, observe, get hold of, pack, grow, like, sanction, strike, lease, law, confirm, accept, subscribe to, marry, resume, study, consider, charter, gather in, train, occupy, hook on, abide by, repudiate, take away, pad, appropriate, fill, claim, view, keep abreast, acquire, submit, buy up, call for, embrace.

disown, abandon, discard, reject, give up, junk, throw out, abjure, throw away, surrender, repudiate, forsake, abnegate, renounce, spurn, jettison, relinquish.

Examples of usage:

1) I might, perhaps, ask you for one or two reasons why I should adopt the course you suggest. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) The determination to adopt this system of tactics sprang from an accidental circumstance. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) In any case, after what you have told me, I cannot see why you should adopt that tone. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.