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Spell check of zesty

Correct spelling: zesty

engaging, nuts, hot, savory, cracked, bonkers, around the bend, dotty, nutty, gamy, loopy, spicy, salty, tasteful, whacky, loco, buggy, juicy, barmy, batty, mouth-watering, haywire, wacky, spirited, zingy, fruity, piquant, round the bend, pert, balmy, pungent, yeastlike, naughty, blue, yeasty, crackers, poignant, sharp, daft, racy, bats, zestful, risque, taste, kookie, kooky, gamey, savoury, loony, smells.

dreary, arid, numbing, monotonous, flat, stale, wearisome, tedious, dry, pedestrian, bland, drab, insipid, dull, leaden, watery, ponderous, colorless, barren, boring, predictable, thin, wearying, banal, flavorless, tiring, dilute, tasteless, spiritless, uninteresting, weak, humdrum, savorless, stodgy.

Examples of usage:

1) Chantelle U. S. A. Natural Port du Salut type described as " zesty" by some of the best purveyors of domestic cheeses. - "The Complete Book of Cheese", Robert Carlton Brown.